About Blue Raven Travel agency
I'm Elana Christiansen
Owner & Fellow Traveler

I had my first passport when I was two months old. My mother was born in Denmark and father in Morocco, and my family was fortunate to go overseas often. I've been traveling all my life and am a better person because of it. These experiences influenced who I am in a positive way, and I love inspiring other people to see the world.

For me, traveling isn't just about a week vacation once year. (Although it can be for some!) Travel can be life-changing if we let it change us. When traveling we're forced to go out of our comfort zones and be flexible with our attitudes. There is always something to learn if we’re open.

Getting out of our cities, towns, and countries opens our minds and broadens perspectives. When we know more about each other, we care more about each other.

What a great reason to go on a trip.

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What's it like to work with me?

We'll start with a complimentary consultation to talk about your ideal vision for your trip. I love this part! We get to dream and talk about you!

I'll have a lot of questions so we can get the details right.

After I've done (lots of) research and created a couple of fantastic sample itineraries, we'll meet on Zoom and I'll show you the options to choose from.

Then you decide which trip you'd like to go on, pay the deposit, and we start getting you ready!

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